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About the Thornton Archive

The Thornton Archive is overseen by the Thornton Arts and Culture Center and serves both city employees and members of the public. The Archive exists to curate, describe, preserve, and make accessible materials that document the history and culture of the Thornton community.

The City of Thornton has partnered with the Colorado Virtual Library and the Plains to Peaks Collective to create the Thornton Archive's Digital Collections and provide expanded access to our historical materials.  The Thornton Archive remains responsible for the contents of our Digital Collections, including exhibits, and remains the custodian of all analog archival materials.  

The Archive's Digital Collections serve as an historical resource to the community to improve access to information and cultural heritage for the citizens of Thornton and our neighboring communities. We seek to collaborate with our community members to ensure accurate representation, description, and access of cultural heritage materials.

Questions about the Archive? Please contact us at Artsinfo@thorntonco.gov