Building Thornton, 1954-2000

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Building Thornton, 1954-2000


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Collection of mixed materials relating to the planning and development of facilities, businesses, and open spaces within the City of Thornton from 1954 through 2000.







Collection Items

Community Pool Dedication
First Mayor of Thornton, Oyer (Bill) Leary, recounts his experiences creating and dedicating the first Thornton Community Pool.

Program for the dedication ceremony for the Thornton Municipal Building, 1958
A greyscale, bifold program pamphlet that describes and outlines the ceremony held on October 19, 1958 to officially dedicate the newly built Thornton Municipal Building. The first image depicts the front and back covers of the pamphlet while the…

Community Park groundbreaking
Black and white photo depicting seven people, including Margaret Carpenter and several council members, standing in an open field and holding shovels as if to be digging in the loose soil while smiling at the camera.

Hoffman Homes brochure
Black, white, and orange trifold brochure advertising the completion of the Hoffman Homes development in Thornton. It includes information about the location of the neighborhood, an example floorplan, and pricing information.

City of Thornton Municipal Complex groundbreaking ceremony
Color photo depicting a large, stand alone sign in the middle of a large plot formerly known as 9-Mile Hill. The sign is a dark color with white writing and announces the construction of the municipal complex. Former Thornton mayor Margaret…

Sam Hoffman and L. H. Roy Bisterfeld at a Hoffman Homes open house
Color photo depicting Sam Hoffman, L.H. Roy Bisterfeldt and another man standing in front of a black and white Hoffman Home during an open house event. People can be seen in the background standing in and around the doorway of the house. The second…

John Zeigler, Harriatt Zeigler, and Sam Hoffman sign first Hoffman Homes contract
Black and white photo depicting Sam Hoffman and Harriatt Zeigler seated at a table while John Zeigler stands between them with his hands on the back of their chairs. They are all smiling at the camera as Hoffman holds a pen over an assortment of…

Standley Lake Protection Project dedication
Color photo depicting a stand alone, blue and white sign in an open area. A small paragraph explaining the Standley Lake Protection Project is written in white on the sign. Four people in business attire stand on either side of the sign, two on…

Thornton Tribune vehicle parked in front of J&H Pharmacy
Black and white photo depicting a vehicle with the Thornton Tribune logo displayed on the side parked at an angle in front of the J&H Pharmacy store front. The Thornton Tribune was one of the first newspapers in Thornton, being founded in the 1950's…

Thorncreek sign construction
Black and white photo depicting a crane lifting a large sign reading "Thorncreek--Thornton's Championship Gold Course" onto a stone platform. A man stands a few yards to the right of the crane and observes the installation of the sign.
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